This Is the Innovation That LG Brings to the Smartphone Realm

This Is the Innovation That LG Brings to the Smartphone Realm

This Is the Innovation That LG Brings to the Smartphone Realm – After Nokia (which bounced back under the name HMD Global), now it’s LG’s turn to leave the smartphonemarket. There are many factors that make LG collapse, but this time we will not discuss it because on this occasion DroidPoin want a little flashback about what innovations LG has brought to the realm of smartphones!

What do you think? Here are the full details:

Capacitive touchscreen phone (LG Prada- 2006)

  • If you think Nokia or another phone brand is the first to give birth to a touchscreen phone, then you are not entirely wrong. Indeed at that time already circulated some touch screen phones, it’s just that still need the help of a stylus for its operation. Then comes the LG phone that at that time collaborated with Prada, if you do not know LG Prada is the first capacitive touchscreen phone that can be operated with the touch of a finger.

Flexible Oled display (LG G Flex – 2014)

  • Nowadays many brands use edge display in the premium phone series and did you know that the one that triggered it is LG with LG G Flex phones. The phone comes with a flexible curved OLED display, making it comfortably fit in your hand for phone calls.

Modular smartphone (LG G5 – 2016)

  • Initially many people thought that modular phones will be a trend in the future and LG tried its luck with the release of the LG G5. Public enthusiasm for the LG G5 at that time was amazingly good, but because the execution was still half-baked so this phone failed miserably, even the success of the LG G5 again using the concept of smartphones in general.

Ultra-wide camera (LG G5 – 2016)

  • Lg G5 is not only a unique phone with a modular concept, but also a phone that sparks ultra-wide lenses that are currently used in almost every smartphone. In fact, LG perfected this in the LG V10 where they embedded an ultra-wide lens in the selfie camera.

Quad DAC (LG V20 – 2016)

  • Slowly but surely, initially focusing only on cameras LG began to penetrate audio enthusiasts by releasing the LG V20 equipped with an integrated quad-DAC for high-quality audio playback. This innovation may not be liked by everyone, but audiophiles love the sound produced from the LG V20.

Dual screen smartphone (LG V20 – 2016)

  • Who said that phones with dual screens have only been found lately, in fact LG has started such innovations since 2016 in the LG V20 series. The phone has a dual screen, where the main screen for the operation of the phone and the other screen (the small one at the top) as a shortcut as well as a screen that focuses on displaying various notifications. This was further refined by LG in the LG G8X series, which provided a kind of cover to display a dual screen.

Dual screen smatphone with “T” shape (LG Wing- 2020)

  • This phone was just introduced last year and must be admitted to have a unique concept. Unfortunately, LG Wing is not practical in daily use, but if for gaming is still okay. However, considering how difficult it is when assembling this phone and its luxurious design, then you have to spend a deep pocket that is also around Euro 1,099 or almost 20 million.

Well, that’s gaes some innovations that LG has brought into the realm of smartphones. Which do you think is the coolest and most memorable? Deliver directly in the comments field well.


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