New, Microsoft Releases Webcam Devices

New, Microsoft Releases Webcam Devices

New, Microsoft Releases Webcam Devices – Called the “Microsoft Modern Webcam”, this webcam is basically just a regular webcam that offers good video quality.

Well right as above that’s the appearance of Microsoft Modern Webcam, and although it looks ordinary, on this device there is an option to close the webcam to maintain privacy, users simply slide the cover slide as in the picture above to close the camera area.

Don’t expect this Microsoft Modern Webcam to come with Wah specifications, as it only supports 1080p 30fps, HDR, Auto Exposure, Auto White balance, and Auto Anti Flicker shooting quality.

In addition, there is nothing special about this camera, due to the absence of Windows Hello support for Windows 10, and for the port itself is still a USB A instead of a more modern USB C (very different from the name microsoft modern webcam).

Don’t be surprised, with the specifications I mentioned above, if you want to buy this webcam, you have to spend $69.99 (excluding shipping and taxes).

Expensive? yep, in my opinion quite expensive considering the features provided are not too Ok with the absence of Windows Hello support itself.

Well what do you think? if you are interested you can buy and view information about this camera on the following Microsoft page.

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